Re: [orca-list] orca stops to read when find a link in the message


I see this behavior with gnome-speech/Cepstral. I think also with gnome-speech/espeak, but I can't test that until this evening.


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This sounds like we might not be getting callbacks from the IBM ViaVoice engine to let us know speech has completed. :-( Are you using gnome-speech or speech dispatcher?


jose vilmar estacio de souza wrote:
Hi all,
I am running orca 2.7.5, IBM Via Voice synthesizer and Thunderbird 3.0b4pre.
To reproduce my problem try the following steps:

1) open a message that contains some links. Probably my message will serve. 2) Instruct orca to speak the entire document. In my case I press Caps Lock+.

Orca stops when encounter the first link in the message. If I Change the synthesizer to ESpeak the problem disappears.
Any ideas?

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