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Hi Michael:

First -- many thanks for providing Orca support to people. This is what helps the community work well. might be the bug you are looking for. It adds an "Automatically start orca when you log in?" question to the text-based setup and was released with Orca v2.26.0.

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On Jul 21, 2009, at 4:41 AM, Michael Whapples wrote:

I recieved the below question (I modified the details in the forwarded headers to try and protect the person against spammers trawling the net for email addresses) and it made me think of a possible feature orca could add (if not already added as its been some time since I set up orca using orca -t).

Basically what the situation is, on systems such as GRML where users install gnome after installing the system to their hard disk, they probably have to go through a procedure of starting gnome and then starting orca manually at least once before they can set orca to start up automatically. This procedure has no audable feed back for the user, so may be difficult or at least feel uncertain to do.

My solution would be that as orca is able to set itself to start up automatically after login (IE. there is a check box in the orca preferences for this), would it be possible to add to the orca text setup a question saying, "Do you want orca to start automatically on login?". I feel this solution would remove any part of the set up procedure where a user may need to do anything without speech/Braille output (IE. bin text consoles speakup and brltty and then everytime, including first time starting gnome the user will have orca in gnome).

If the feature has already been added, in what version was it added and then I can modify my docs for GRML accordingly.

Michael Whapples

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Hi, Michael!
After lots of trial and error, I have much if not all of gnome installed and do indeed have Orca installed.  (I didn't even have to change the repositories in sources.list.) I had to install gdm separately, but it seems in order.  Thanks to you, I even seem to have the runlevel setup I want.  And, I apparently was able to use "orca -t" from the text console to do some Orca setup.  That's the good news--or, at least, it looks to be.
The bad news is that I can't get Orca talking when I go through the steps of logging into gnome.  I had earlier installed the sound-related items your document suggests, but I hear no gnome-related sounds to indicate whether I've logged in correctly or not.  (I suspect that I have.)  I maybe should add that, when I did the Orca setup from the text console, I did hear the default gnome-speech voice I hear on Ubuntu, along with Speakup on my hardware synth.
From what I've said, can you tell what I might do to complete the job of getting a talking GUI?  If not, what other information should I provide?
Thanks for any help you can give me.  I add that I'm writing to you individually for two reasons, that you're the closest person I know of with some expertise, and because I don't know what list would not consider the question off-topic.  Again, thanks!
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