[orca-list] Virtualization and Orca (was Re: What is currently the most accessible distribution both out of the box and afterwards?)

Michael Whapples <mwhapples aim com> wrote:
I don't really know whether this sort of question is on topic or
not, but I would say distro choice is quite a personal choice, and
so may be the best way to find an answer is to try some. 

I agree, and virtualization has the potential to make this even easier.

I've recently been experimenting with KVM virtualization under Linux, which
supports BRLTTY via an emulated USB braille device which is connected to the
BRLTTY process controlling the real braille display via a BRLAPI interface.

KVM, since it uses Qemu, also supports a textual ncurses interface that allows
you to interact with the guest operating system right from the beginning of
the boot process, including the boot loader, for example, even the ISOLinux
boot loader of a "live" Linux distribution. It is necessary to ensure that the
guest operating system does not boot into a graphical display mode for this to
work, however.

Has anybody tried running Orca under KVM? Given that BRLTTY is supported, and
sound can be routed from the guest to the host, it should be possible to get
Orca to work in this scenario, but I'm not sure how it would need to be set
up. For example, would the host need to be running X at the time, and would
Orca on the host need to be shut down before Orca on the guest system starts
up in order to avoid conflicts?

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