Re: [orca-list] Compiz static switcher cuts off window title

Hi Bill:

I suspect it might be some odd window activate/deactivate ordering coming from Compiz:

In order to help find why things are being called, I'll sometimes add a temporary debug.printStack(debug.LEVEL_OFF) call to the code. This will place a stack trace in the debug log.

Thanks for your work on Compiz! I think it might be a struggle for a bit, and I think some code in Compiz might need to be modified. I'll bet the Compiz developers would love a patch from you. :-)


On Jul 6, 2009, at 6:50 AM, Bill Cox wrote:

I've been looking into how Orca interacts with the Compiz static
switcher.  With the latest Orca/atk/at-spi, and latest compiz for
Ubuntu Jaunty x64, things work pretty well.  However, when I alt-tab
to switch to the previous window, Orca starts speeking the title, but
gets cut off after around 1/2 second.  I used Accerciser to view
events from gtk-window-decorator, and they look about right, giving an
insert-text event.  I do not see any event from gtk-window-switcher
that can explain why the window title reading is cut short.  I
verified that speech.stop() is not being called from  It must be coming from elsewhere.  Can anyone
offer me advice for what to do next to continue tracking down this

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