Re: [orca-list] Ubuntu 9.04 installation instructions via Orca


To sort out the alt+tabbing issue try going to the system menu > preferences > appearance > visual effects tab and making sure that "none" is selected.

A bug fix for this has been created but it's not in the version of Orca that ships with Jaunty.


On 02/07/09 19:25, Bill Cox wrote:
I've added a section to the wiki for installing 64-bit Ubuntu Jaunty.
The current most annoying bug I have is the known speech-dispatcher
crashing problem.  I'm hoping to install it from source, and try and
figure out what's up.

In general, Ubuntu 9.04 x64 is working fairly well for me now, but
with some significant issues.  Does anyone know why Orca does not read
window titles when I Alt-Tab through windows?  I saw this behaviour on
three different 64-bit OS's I installed, including Debian Lenny, so I
can't blame Ubuntu.


On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 3:10 PM, Willie Walker<William Walker sun com>  wrote:
Hi Halim:

Have you (or someone else) expressed your annoyance by logging a bug with
Ubuntu?  If not, please do.  If you have, thanks!  In either case, please
post the relevant Ubuntu bugs here (and probably more appropriately on the
Ubuntu accessibility list) so people can track them.



Halim Sahin wrote:
Hi Will,

Thanks for testing ubuntu and doing a great job with orca development.

any way ubuntu's pulseaudio integration is a big desaster.
If you install ubuntu with screenreader, pulse is disabled and
you can't play other system sounds.
this can't be fixed easily. the problem exists in ubuntu since ??3
Sorry for writing this but I am really annoyed by reading ubuntu related
Using esound/alsa and integrating speech-dispatcher would give a perfect
tested here on two laptops and my other pc.

Now all distros are trying to integrate pulse and this makes things more
and unfortunately it doesn't work stable.
The latency issues should be mentioned as well.

Sorry Maybe my mail is OT.

On Mi, Jul 01, 2009 at 02:04:51 -0400, Willie Walker wrote:
Hi All:

I grown exhausted from the beating up Ubuntu has taken over the past
  several weeks.  Admittedly, Ubuntu has had unfortunate events happen  with
audio integration that cause speech to become corrupted.  I think a  lot of
this has to do more with Pulse Audio integration issues than  anything else.

Much of my frustration is that I have not had the luxury of time to
  spend looking at Ubuntu-specific problems.  I work primarily on
  OpenSolaris because that's where my funding comes from -- many thanks to
  Sun Microsystems for its courage and commitment to fund and pioneer open
  source accessibility.

I hold a place in my heart for Ubuntu, however, because their early work
  with integrating accessibility into their live CD helped bring GNOME
  accessibility to more and more people.  I believe part of Orca's success
  is due to Ubuntu's work in this space.

So, while watching some Orca regression tests run on my OpenSolaris
  machine today, I spent the time to download Ubuntu 9.04 and install it  on
a decrepit laptop.  I installed it twice - once with the screen  reader
option and once without the screen reader option.

When I installed with the screen reader option, things went fairly
  smoothly and I ended up with an installation that spoke as expected.  When
I installed without the screen reader option, speech exhibited the  problem
everyone has been complaining about.  I was able to remedy the  situation
easily by doing a "sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio" and then  rebooting.

I've written some brief instructions for Ubuntu Jaunty up on the Orca
  WIKI.  All said and done, Ubuntu 9.04 is not the accessibility disaster
  that people are making it out to be:

Please note that the above is a WIKI.  The heart of a WIKI is the
  community, which includes all of you.  If you have constructive and
  helpful things to add, please add them to the WIKI so other people can
  benefit.  In addition, if you have feedback for Ubuntu, please let the
  Ubuntu folks know.


PS - Reminder - I work for Sun Microsystems on OpenSolaris.  Just
  because I wrote up these brief Ubuntu Jaunty notes today does not
  automatically make me your for-free-at-your-beck-and-call Ubuntu support
  whipping boy. ;-)

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