[orca-list] Orca, gnome-speech and pulseaudio

This message will probably be the reverse of other questions I have seen on this list regarding pulseaudio.

I am running Ubuntu Jaunty with all the latest updates as of the posting of this message. For the last day or so, Orca using gnome-speech is bypassing pulseaudio. This causes the speech to be slightly more responsive, but at the expense of no longer being able to listen to music or youtube videos while doing other things. In fact, any sound produced by the system causes Orca to stop speaking for about 6 or 7 seconds after the sound has stopped. Consequently, I can't start playing a song or video while Orca is speaking, and I can't do anything at all on the computer while a song or video is playing. Is this a fairly new bug that should be reported or a still somewhat buggy feature introduced by complaints regarding responsiveness? Is there a way to get the gnome-speech espeak driver to once again use pulseaudio for output so that I can have speech while other sounds play? I can sacrifice a small bit of responsiveness for the ability to play music while using the computer to do other things.

Thanks for any help,
 Great Goddess Isis,
Thou who art above the stars,
 Grant us peace and love.
--Lorenzo Taylor

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