Re: [orca-list] Begin PGP-signed message?

On Wed, Feb 04, 2009 at 03:46:59PM CET, Tj wrote:
I just have to ask, and i know this is horriblyoff topic, however, here goes
anyhow.  I've noticed people writing emails that would ave:
"Begin PGP signed message" and "Begin PGP signature" at the top and bottom
of their emails respectively.  I've done some research and know what it
means, however, I'm curious as to which email clients do that?

There are two ways in which one can GPG sign their messages. Either with a separate signature file which is 
attached to the mail, or inline, i.e the signature is in the body of the email itself. The reason why some 
people sign their messages with an inline signature is because its more compatible with more email clients. I 
for one thing, have found that if I sign my messages with a separate attached file containing the signature, 
some brain dead email clients, (Microsoft mail clients I'm looking at you), don't display the mail correctly 
to the user. The user sees a text file plus the signature file.

As for supporting mail clients, just about all Linux email clients support GPG signing, either directly, or 
through installable plugins/extensions for the client. I also believe one can get plugins for Windows email 
clients to also GPG sign messages, although I have never looked much into this myself. I also believe a 
plugin can be obtained for Apple mail to GPG sign messages.

Note that if an email client can support signing of messages, it can also help you verify that a signature on 
an email message is correct.

Hope this helps


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