[orca-list] patch with simple pulseaudio driver


Here it is the patch to themuso's git master with the new driver by Bill
Cox and some minor changes by myself:

* This driver supports setting the pulseaudio server like the old one
* Min_audio_length is configurable via speech-dispatcher settings file
(AudioPulseMinLength directive)
* Removed all the old driver structures and settings (they are
accessible via git so I guess there is no need to keep them on the code)
* Changed default configuration file to reflect the changes.

It seems working fine here, although I only tested on my asus netbook
running karmic with espeak and viavoice.
Patch is attached, I generated it with git format-patch so it must by
applied with git apply I think.

Best Regards,

Rui Batista
Rui Batista
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