Re: [orca-list] [ANNOUNCE] libao (new audio driver for speechd including working pulseaudio support).


The libao driver works really good but has one drawback I think this
solution solves (if it works, I haven't tested yet). It imposes no hard
dependency on libao... With libao we have another configuration file
external from speech-dispatcher and so one, not talking about the build
dependencies and runtime ones. I guess themuso must comment on this and
decide what's better. For me anythink (libao or simple pulse driver
works) but there could be packaging and logistic distribution issues
with the libao aproach.

Rui Batista
Seg, 2009-12-21 Ãs 20:03 +0100, Halim Sahin escreveu:
Hi Bill,
Nice that you have found the problem !!!

My sugestions:
provide a patch like the attached one for libao instead of
duplicating the libao driver (from Marco Skambraks).
It makes no sense to do the same in spd_audio and libao.

Your pulse.c is nearly the same as the libao.c (only replaced ao through
pulse) and added
the prebuffering stuff.

It's about 7 lines in libao to achive the same (see attached patch).

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