Re: [orca-list] help write orca docs

I tried a simple experiment to see if I could produce malard docbook pages from latex source.  This idea appealed to me because it would eliminate the need to learn another markup language.  Anyway I did some research and found that the tex4ht package (which I already had installed and working on my machine) provides two useful scripts, dblatex and dbmlatex for compiling latex into docbook.

unfortunately, when I try to run dbmlatex (or dblatex) I get some java runtime errors.  I got help from the people on the tex4ht list.  Someone there was able to get my source to complile, but I can not get my installation working.

Would it be possible for someone on this list to try and compile my simple test file (attached, pronunciation.tex) and check the output to make sure it meets the docbook standards we want for the orca doccumentation.


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Attachment: pronunciation.tex
Description: TeX document

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