[orca-list] Is there really an issue with what I'm doing?

OK, I know this is gonna be very subjectional, and very debatable, however, speaking not so much from a preference of stand point, but more from a realistic one, I'm sorry yall, I could not get Karmic Kola to work very well. I don't exactly know why, but for one, it just would! not! install consistently on my laptop, which btw, is a Dell Inspiron E1505. I don't knwo why being I got it to work once, but I broke my OS last night badly. NO, I don't mean the Movie Player thing, I mean, i? r'r'r'really! bwoke it... Good! LOL! I did everything recommended to do with documentation, but after what I did, it was too late. Anyway, I wound up downgrading to Intrepid. Yeah, I know, I know, I could a done Jaunty Jacquelope or however it's spelled, sorry, hehehehe, but, I hear even in there, there were some issues. I do plan to get up to speed, e? ventually, but, for now, I need something more that works out of the box, that is the least buggy as possible. You all need to understand something. Yes, I've played before with Linux, somewhat extensively, too, but not? really. The thing is for one, I cannot understand ESpeak very well. It's ok for a real short time, but I have a hearing loss, and for whatever reason, I've lost a lot of the frequencies needed to understand ESpeak fluently and comfortably. So, Festival was fine, but a little too cacatanated for my liking. Really DecTalk and Voxin are the only two synths I can really comfortably use. I know that really does kind a limit me, but, you do what you have to do. So, here is my question to you all. For now, being that I am really new to linux, I don't yet really speak the language of Unix/linux. I mean, my feet are on the side of the pool, and I know how to put them in, I just haven't gotten them wet quite yet, sota speak. One thing is, I'm scared if I break sumpthin, as I did last night, I won't know even where to start to fix it. Like IE, I broke my apt last night in the process of other things. I tried installing something that hung. So I get an msg saying something like

e: cannot open /var/lock/apt/archives or something or another, resource temporarily unavailable.

I looked and looked googled and googled, and couldn't find a sollution that worked.

So, that is my firwst thing, when you all started, how did you deal with really! big screw ups like that when you didn't know where to turn? Second of all, Yeah, eventually I'm gonna have! to just bite the bullet, get up on the latest build of Ubuntu, or whatever distro I decide on, and, basically, well? just? go. But, for the time? being! at least, do you all see any confcern for using Intrepid? The only thing i can think of is out-dated pkgs, plus the apt repositories might be out of date, etc. and I don't really know how to fix 'em. Well, I do, but I mean, I don't know all the addresses and stuff to put in the sources.list file. Speaking a which, why won't g edit read files when I go to terminal and

sudo gedit filename?

Yes, I did create the .orbitrc file.  That? I, did do.

Yes, I've logged out sense, also have restarted sense.

I'm being forced, thus, to use Nano, which seems to work.

I guess out dated pkgs is my main only concern. Plus, out dated Orca. I know it can be updated, but I don't feel I'm at the comfort level yet to even begin! to take on that task.

I dono, what do you all think. If what I'm doing is not the best way to start out, what do you all advise may be a better avenue to take?

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