[orca-list] What happen with bugzilla.gnome.org webpage accessibility?

Dear List,

This is only a technical question.
What happen with bugzilla.gnome.org accessibility design? Oldest time bugzilla.gnome.org is wonderful accessible. For example, if the user would like report a new bug, simplest choosing the product, the components with list items if I remember right. I don't no what bugzilla version using this style. For example, I very like old time the old design, because very easy to using with Orca screen reader.

Now, this day I need report a bug with bugzilla. I would like login the webpage. Impossible, or very difficult to navigate Orca the form fields with bugzilla.gnome.org webpage. For example, when I tryed login, Orca does'nt read the form fields, or reads too lot of form fields with one time.

Have a practical tip or setting to solwing this problem and kept back the bugzilla.gnome.org accessible version? Or this is lost when migrated oldest bugzilla to newest version?


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