[orca-list] Volume, and Wireless questions

OK, I am using Karmic, I think it's called, Ubuntu over here. Aside going into gnome-terminal, then typing alsamixer, what is the command, or, method to bring up the graffical based volume control. I used to know how to do it, but God kill me if i could remember.

my second question is, regarding Vinux 2.0, and I'm doing 2.0, as I don't really feel ready to tackle how to enable the graffic interface yet, and someone told me 2.0 doesn't have one, but anyway, whether it does or not isn't the point. In 2.0, I am noticing when I look at the different pannels, unless I dono what I'm doing, I can't find the icon to connect to my Intel Pro Set Wireless 3945ABG adapter. Now, I know! in Ubuntu v9, how to do it. It's fairly easy. NO, the network pannel won't read, but, it's not that terribly hard to find with a little hit and miss, but I'm just not seeing the icon anywhere! in Vinux. I wonder if it's because the wi fi drivers are not supported natively. Maybe I need to import the windows i n f file, with the windows drivers options. I dono. What do you all think?

Chris: A K A: Mark.

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