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Hello Alex,
Firstly welcome to the world of Linux, hopefully you will find it good to use but I must warn you that it is different to Windows and so there is quite a lot to learn (even those of us who have been using Linux for years and are very comfortable with it can still find out new things). There are plenty of documents out on the internet to help you learn about Linux and plenty of mailing list and forums where you can ask questions (tip: try and respect what the forum/list is for, people can get quite annoyed by off-topic questions, you should be able to find a forum/list suitable for any question).

Moving to your questions:
To access the orca settings window just press the orca key and space (orca key on the standard desktop layout is numpad0 or insert).
Yes there are plenty of other voices for orca, I won't go into detail on how to get them at the moment, it may be best for you to say which you would like to use first. Here is a list (may not be fully complete and some of these are commercial products but some are free):
* Espeak (this is probably the one you have heard, it seems to be the default voice now on any Linux system)
* IBMTTS or IBM viavoice (this sounds the same as eloquence)
* DecTalk software synthesiser
* Festival and Flite (generally not used any more, I think the voices aren't particularly good)
* Cepstral

You may find looking at the orca wiki is useful to find out some of the basics of orca, visit

Michael Whapples
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My email address is: jkenn337 gmail com . Get klango at it's free! Get NVDA it's free! Grab Ubuntu at it's free! and follow-me-on-twitter.
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Hi all!
I'm a verry new user of Ubuntu and Orca. and i have some problems to understand how things reealy works compair to windows. I have made some very serius misstake. 
but i stil don't know how to opend Orcas configurationmenu. I have disabled the checkbox that one who wondwr if i wan't have orca windows opend. But i must could opend the configuration later or? And my cecund question is if there are som better speach syntercyser then this one? I think this one is a little boaring.
Best regards

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