[orca-list] Ubuntu Lucid + Orca + speech-dispatcher/libao + pulseaudio + ibmtts works great!

The performance of the IBM TTS voice using Luke's libao patch works
great through speech-dispatcher/lbiao with pulseaudio.  I am not sure
if I can tell the difference between speed of this setup vs what I get
when I disable pulseaudio.  However, I do I run puseaudio at nice -11,
rtprior 9, and I think this makes a minor difference.  In 32-bit mode,
Lucid works with Compiz on my machine as well, which provides that
awesome Compiz magnifier.

However, there are still goobers in Lucid + Orca.  In particular,
Firefox is reported as inaccessible.  Also, it's title announcement is
cut short, but other window titles are spoken correctly.  Still, this
is great progress!  These are the steps I followed in full to get the
setup working.  I'm simply copying from other e-mails from Hammer
Attila, Halim Sahin, and others:

- Install Lucid x32 from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current.
 The x64 build works, but to build the IBM TTS plugin for
speech-dispatcher, you need to do it on an x32 installation.  I
believe the resulting sd_ibmtts driver an simply be copied to an x64
machine once built.

- Buy Voxin (about $6) and install it.  You need the latest version
(0.25).  It can be found at http://voxin.oralux.net/get.php.  When
installing, say 'yes' to install speech drivers, 'yes' to install the
speech-dispatcher driver, and 'no' to the Gnome Speech Services

- Download the speech-dispatcher source package, apply Lukes patch,
and rebuild it according to Hammer's instructions:

1. In Lucid, I downloaded speech-dispatcher source code from following
command with a directory:
sudo apt-get source speech-dispatcher

2. Please do following commands:
sudo apt-get install libao-dev (this is important)
sudo apt-get build-dep speech-dispatcher

3. I navigate the speech-dispatcher source directory.

4. Applyed the new patch:
patch -p1 <../speechd-libao.diff
Please replace the patch path if you storing Halim sent diff file with
another place. :-):-)

5. I run dpkg-buildpackage command.

6. I installed with following packages with prewious directory (need
do a sudo cd .. command):
speech-dispatcher, python-speechd, libspeechd2.
Possible your system needs another packages, but you found with
rebuilded packages with your needs. Possible the version number is
change with your system.

7. I change the /etc/libao.conf with default_driver=alsa to

8. Final, reconfiguring speech-dispatcher with using libao audio
output module. Don't worry, my machine spd-conf ask me the suggested
way is Alsa, Pulse, Oss, but don't need correct your answer. :-):-)

- There should be an sd_ibmtts file in the speech-dispatcher tree
under src/modules.  Make sure this is identical to
/usr/lib/speech-dispatcher-modules/sd_ibmtts.  If not, copy it over
there.  Be sure to uncomment the ibmtts line in
~/.speech-dispatcher/conf/speechd.conf.  For some reason, the
sd_ibmtts in my modules directory didn't work the first time.  To test
it, I run ./sd_ibmtts, and then type 'INIT' as it's first command.  It
should respond with

    299-Ibmtts: Initialized successfully.

If it doesn't, you need to work on getting it built properly.  I
manually edited the Makefile in the modules directory to add
../audio/.libs as a library directory, and to turn off optimization
(no -O2), and rebuilt.  The resulting sd_ibmtts simply worked.


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