[orca-list] Structural Navigation Breaks Firefox Sometimes

Hash: RIPEMD160

I can't seem to reproduce this problem consistently at will but I'll
describe this problem the best I can.  If it can be done by anyone
else too, let the list know and I'll post a bug.

1. Go to any website that has tables in it like your bank statements,
bus schedules, etc.

2. Get into a table that has multiple rows and start using the table
navigation keys (Shift-Alt + arrow keys).

3. Sometimes, pressing the Shift-Tlt+Down arrow key will yield

4. When #3 happens, use arrow keys just to nav around and hear nothing
but sound events for hitting the end of a dialog.  Unfortunately at
this point nothing speaks anymore.

5. When this silence occurs in #3 and #4, Hit the escape key.

6. Now Orca returns but Firefox has completely vanished at this

When I restart Firefox after such an event, it usually comes back up
where I previously left off - I get my page back and structural nav
keys seem to work ok after this.

I'm using recent git pull of Orca and Firefox 3.5.something.  I think
the bottom line here is some kind of error is popping up in Firefox
and Orca cannot read it.
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