[orca-list] Has anyone ever gotten Orca and Pulse Audio to work together well?

I'm trying to narrow down where the problem is that causes the 1/2
second delay when Orca tries to read text using pulseaudio.  Is it in
pulseaudio's main code trunk, or in Ubuntu's version of pulseaudio?

I have googled, but was unable to find a single instance where a blind
user was able to get Orca working well with Pulse Audio, without the
1/2 second delay.  I've also been able to convince myself that most of
the issues listed on


are not causing the problem.  In particular, I was able to run
pulseaudio with nice -11 and rtprio 9, and the delay is still there.
I haven't yet dealt with the out of date libcanberra.

Do any of you know of any case where pulseaudio has been configured to
deliver speech from Orca without the delay?  Is this simply a problem
now because Ubuntu was the version most blind users preferred before
Ubuntu switched to pulseaudio?  Has this problem been there forever?


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