[orca-list] Emacs and Orca again

Hi all,


I know that the issue of Emacs and Orca not working nicely together has come up in the past.


Previously I had managed to get them to play together by starting emacs from the console and exporting the DISPLAY variable.  For reasons unknown to me this used to work around the issue of hangs in orca when emacs was started.


Now I’ve upgraded to Ubuntu Karmic and this no longer works.  As I never understood why it worked in the first place it makes it hard to find what has changed to make it stop J.


I have read the gnome bug on the issue (sorry don’t have the number handy) and it didn’t make all that much sence to me.  It appeared to say that it was the fault of metacity but I wasn’t 100% clear on why.


So, I’d love an answer/workaround should such a thing exist.


Not being overly optimistic I have another question:

Running emacs in a gnome terminal does work without the hangs.  The issue I get when I do it this way is that Orca insists on reading text as well.  So I end up with both Orca and Emacspeak speaking at the same time which is not the best J.


Is there a way I can disable speech in Orca for a particular gnome-terminal?


Any help appreciated.





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