[orca-list] Updating orca and getting it to work with VMware

    Hi list,
Just a few quick questions, Anyone know of (or can give me) a step-by-step guide on upgrading gnome and orca?
I'm using ubuntu 8.10, and when i do:
sudo apt-get update,
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade,
it updates my system, but doesn't update gnome or orca.
Also, i've been using a lot of linux systems in VMware. In the ones with paulseaudio, the speech system just crackles (In fact, all sound does the same). This is strange, cause doesn't ubuntu use paulseaudio? It does this on distro's like open suse and fedora. I need to install open suse from the live cd, but because of this crackling i can't here what the speech says. Any way to fix this using the live cd?
And finally, I'm trying to install open solaris in VMware. I followed the accessible live cd guide. I here the 2 beeps, that mean keyboard and language, i select the choices and hit enter. I wait for ages while the cd is spinning, but when it finally stops i here no sound. How do i get this to work?

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