Re: [orca-list] braille compared to speech

On 20.09.2008 at 14:29:16 Daniel Dalton <d dalton iinet net au> wrote:


I've got a question about braille: why aren't orca-specific messages
printed in braille, just spoken? eg. numpad 0 and numpad enter says the
title, but doesn't braille it. I'm sure there are others, but that is
the most obvious to me... Would anyone who can code think this should be

Despite the fact that I cannot add this to Orca, I doubt that this are
the main things regarding braille and Orca:
You can always read a portion of the screen by scrolling to the wanted
position using the keys of your braille display. So, for example, to the
top/bottom of the screen. So what's the use in doubbling this when using
There are other things that are more important:
- Why isn't it possible to increase Orca's responsiveness in braille?
When I perform any action using my braille display (Alva Satellite 544),
I have to wait a few seconds till I see a result? And when the screen has
a lot of content, this amount of seconds rises, so in Thunderbird with a
large inbox.
- Why is it not possible to use the line-left line-right commands of my
display to scroll the screen, so for example in FF, where I have to use
line-up line-down to scroll one line for/back and then line-left
line-right to read the second part of the current line?
- I set up braille to show dots 7 and 8 when text is selected. This does
not work reliable, so in Thunderbird, where I cannot use braille to
check what text I've selected. The same with links in FF, although I
activated dots 7-8 to indicate focused links.
Finally: Is it possible to use Orca with braille only? This is necessary
when working in a group, where speech might be disturbing.

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