[orca-list] Resp.: Webvisum Captcha Solving: Is It Working For You?

I use ctrl + 6 to activate the captcha recognition feature. It won't
work if you forget to log in to your web visum acount .. and it won't
warn you that you are not logged in.
Other than this details, I had no other problems recently * I'll try
again and I will report.
I am using it with FF 3 on windows.

2008/9/12, Janina Sajka <janina rednote net>:

I've been trying to use webvisum's captcha solving service without
success recently. So, I'm wondering whether others are, in
fact, successfully solving visual captchas with Orca 2.23.92, Firefox 3
and webvisum 0.7.7 -- or similar.

All I get is my tts saying "carat" as though I've pressed Shift+6.



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