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all piople use the software the like

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Hi all,
Yes, I am also using VirtualBox and it's working fine for me.
I have created several vms without any problems with th ehlp of the command
line interface.
I really like it. I see no reason to switch to Vmware, at least not for my
Best regards,

On 2008-11-01 at 00:31 mattias wrote:

i say it a last time
vmware on windows are your frend

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There is a program called VBoxManage that lets you create and modify a vm
from the command line.  The manual explains it, or running it with no
arguments gives some instructions.

I use VBoxSDL to actually run a vm.

On Fri, 31 Oct 2008, Paul Hunt wrote:

Hi list,
I am looking into using virtualisation so I can run Windows XP and Ubuntu
side by side.
I installed virtualbox onto a Ubuntu machine but found that it's
uses the QT toolkit and so is inaccessible to Orca.  I also installed the
Windows version on a
machine running Vista and JAWS can't read it's UI either.
I am wondering if anyone knows if virtualbox can be controlled from the
command line (in either DOS or Linux) so I can create VM's using Windows XP
and Ubuntu installation

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