Re: [orca-list] a firefox problem

Hi Michael,

That sounds like something we have seeb before :) although not for a 

Can you reproduce the issue if you save the page on your computer, then 
open up the saved file? If this is the case, then one could edit out 
sensative information (replace actual numbers by fictional 
once) and make the result available for debugging 

btw, which bank are we talking about? I am with Lloyds, will have a look 
with orca a little later.

On Sat 01/11/2008 at 04:12:42, Michael Weaver wrote:
I have noticed a problem with Firefox in the latest Ubuntu.
When I login to my Internet banking accounts and use the up and down
cursors for reading my account information, I have to go back up on the
account number to read the ammounts otherwise it skips to the next
account rather than reading my account balance for my account.
for example you have the account number, followed by the account type,
and the last field is the balance so I go to my account balance using
the standard cursor keys, go down to the account name but when I go to
the balance information, the down cursor takes me to my next account
number because it seems to jump so I have to up cursor to read the
account number and go down again just to read the balace.
In Hardy I just scrolled through using the down arrow no problem.
How do I resolve this problem or has anyone else noticed the same
problem with Orca reading some kind of web pages in this same way?

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