Re: [orca-list] orca customizations

There were a couple of problems.

1/ The "def setCoding(script, inputEvent=None)" line didn't have
a colon at the end of it.

It's always something simple.
I thought I had copied *all* of the template from the time function, but somehow I missed the colen (not sure 

2/ The next line wasn't indented properly. Python is really
fussy about indentation.

I also suggest that you surround everything you put inside
your file with a try:/except: clause.
That means that if you do have an error, it'll be caught, and
Orca will recover from it and start up normally (rather than
bring up the Orca Preferences dialog).

I've attached a working version of the
file. I've left a couple lines of print debug in there to help
show that it was working.


Everythings working properly now.  And I've even implinented the reverse function to turn down punctuation 
verbosity for regular use.

Thank you:-)
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