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Hi Mike,

That's the version of alsa-lib that we use. Please send me the patch. The problem is driving me nuts! I'll rebuild alsa-lib and put it on the Speakup Modified disks that I maintain. I notice the bug with Viavoice more than Espeak, but it might be that I have Viavoice running at a higher rate.


Bill in Denver

On Mon, 26 May 2008, Mike Gorse wrote:

If Fedora 9 is using alsa-lib 1.0.16, then this would account for your first issue. It is fixed in the alsa development tree, but there is no official release of alsa-lib with the fix yet. I could send you the patch to fix it if you want to rebuild it and/or report it to the Fedora package maintainer as a bug.

-- Mike Gorse / AIM:linvortex / --

On Mon, 26 May 2008, Lars Bjørndal wrote:

After success with configuring Orca on my Fedora 9 system, to use
speech-dispatcher and braille, I get into a strange
situation: Espeak cuts off the first syllabel of every menu item: Such
as phic instead of Graphic. Is this a known problem? Also, I'm not
able to start program, e.g. Firefox by pressing Enter on that item.
Nothing happen when I press the enter key.

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