Re: [orca-list] orca questions

Hi, Sorry about the delay, had a lot on.

On Fri, 23 May 2008, Alex Hall wrote:

1.  I am starting out with Ubuntu 8.04.  Orca keeps randomly not
speaking for several minutes.  It comes back, but I can hit
alt-f2 and type "orca" to get speech back faster.  Why is this

I think lots of people are having this problem where you loose speech, but I haven't had time to debug it.

happening, and would going to an earlier version of Ubuntu
resolve this?

Probably, but it is just because of one of the packages so its not worth down grading.
Hopefully soon there will be an update to fix this.
(Works fine on debian)

2.  I am going to try a bunch of Linux versions tomorrow, most
designed for thumb drives, including a few types of Puppy Linux,
Breezy, Slax, and DSL, among others (sorry for the spelling,
someone told me about them; I did not see the names myself).  Can
I put Orca, or some sort of screen reader on any of these?

You should be able too.
Orca runs under gnome, gnome runs on x11 so if you have enough space then yes...
You could always google for this kind of thing.

3.  This is not Orca-specific, and let me know if I should take
this to another list, but is there a menu-based linux around?

Dunno, not exactly sure what you mean.
A blind person has access to either gnome or the cli.

Daniel Dalton
<d dalton iinet net au>

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