Re: [orca-list] apt-get & orca dependencies

You could try an 
apt-get upate 
To make sure your package database is up to date.  

However, if your new to Orca I possibly wouldn't reckomend compiling from
source anyway unless there's some specific reason you need the latest

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Hi folks,

I'm running Ubuntu 8.04LTS, and I am having the strangest problem. When 
I type the following commands:

apt-get build-dep gnome-orca

I get an error message saying "cant find source package for gnome-orca". 
I have dial up, but I always make sure I am connected before attempting 
this command. Is this a problem of mine or on the gnome orca side? And, 
if it might be my problem, how do I go about fixing it? /BE as specific 
as possible with any instructions. I'm barely getting started with Orca 
and Ubuntu.


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