Re: [orca-list] Flat Review Broken in Gedit

Hi.  Does ORca read the current line if you use up or down arrow when at the bottom of the file?

On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 09:28:36PM -0700, Steve Holmes wrote:
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I need to explain this a bit.  If I open a small or mid sized txt file
in gedit, all seems fine.  Normal line by line scrolling talks fine
and flat review works OK.  However, take a very large file; say 10,000
lines or so.  Open the file and use flat review while the cursor is
near the top of the file.  Again, flat review works OK.  Now scroll
down to the bottom of that same file - say line 9877 or so.  Now try
any of the flat review keys and notice what happens or should I say
what doesn't happen.  No speech and basically Orca won't talk anywhere
else.  It will sit there for a very, very long time before it speaks
again.  I might have to wait up to 3 minutes before I have any
speech.  If I alt tab to another window, again, no speech it all
catches up eventually after some several minutes.  If I manage to
scroll the file back to the top, then flat review is snappy again.
It's almost like flat review is scrolling through the entire file to
get to the current line or something.

I am using latest Orca (3901) with gnome-speech though I also ran into
this same behavior with speech dispatcher module also.

Anybody else experience this? Remember, you need a very long text file
to demo this.

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