[orca-list] A little Thunderbird weirdness

I think that there separate setups for each account/personality.
The others start at the defaults.   Will Herzog
I'm having just a little trouble with Thunderbird 3.0 when using
multiple accounts. I have 3 different email accounts. The first one,
which I setup after starting Thunderbird for the first time works very
well. I have no complaints at all. However, the second and third
accounts do something extremely weird. Whenever I go into the inbox on
my default account, I see who sent each message after the subject and if
I press enter on a message, it opens. However, on my other 2 accounts,
rather than finding the sender after the subject, I instead find the
recipient, be it a mailing list or my own email address, and if I press
enter on a message, rather than having the message opened, I instead get
a window with an editable copy of the message. The only way to open the
actual message is to press control-o instead of enter. Has anyone with
multiple accounts faced this problem? Is there a known workaround for
this strange issue? Thanks, Lorenzo
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