[orca-list] Need Orca installation tip/guidelines

William/Orca Project,

You've mostly likely been in contact with Louis J. Maher.

I'm working with him to install Orac on a RHEL5 machine and needed to
determine what are going to be the steps/software/etc. that is going to be
required to get this set-up.  I'm looking to get an overall picture of what
is going to be involved & how things work.  A big request, but I need an
understanding of building and interactions of how this works.  In addition,
the Braille device, what are the dependancies on building/compiling to the
specific Braille device?

Here is what I have so far:
   RHEL 5.0 (64-bit)
   GNOME v2.22 or v2.23 w/ Orca Screen Reader v2.22 or v.2.23
   BrITTY v3.8 or better
   Java Access Bridge (JABG) v1.5
   Java v6 to build/compile JABG
   Common Build Environment JDS CBE v1.6
   ATK v2.0, GAIL v1.8.11, AT-SPI v1.7.7 will need to compiled & installed


Ashis Purbhoo
BLI / Technical Systems / Engineering
ExxonMobil GSC - Information Technology
Office: 713.431.4875, Fax: 713.431.7911
ashis v purbhoo exxonmobil com

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