Re: [orca-list] Page presentation issues

Hi Jason,

Jason White wrote:
Is there any hope of implementing a links list dialog?
I think the majority of the community rejects such suggestions.
Why not a hotkey to put the links into a list view or whatever so you can 
down arrow through links (same with forms, and perhaps objects) but when 
these lists are not active show the page as it looks. (Like it is shown 
now.) (Don't invent this buffering stuff)
This sort of manipulation is best implemented as a Firefox extension so that
it can be used regardless of what screen reader happens to be operative, and
can also be used by people who aren't accessing Firefox with a screen reader,
but who may find a list of links, a list of headings, etc., helpful.

Well, as Hermann already pointed out, an extension is always more
difficult to find than a screen reader feature.

And traditionally, all screen readers, including NVDA who added it
recently, provide at least a list of links. There's simply no faster way
to get to the 230th link on a page. Even the Firefox search is often
slower since it may find similar text before the link you want to reach.

While I generally agree that accessibility features should be provided
by the application, not put up by the screen reader, in the case of such
navigational aids my opinion is that this brings us a productivity boost
that should not be neglected.


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