Re: [orca-list] OT, any command for turning off monitor display?

Jon writes:
If your hardware is supported, you can do this using ...

That's the underlying problem. So much of this kind of utility is
specific to the manufacturer, and eve to the model within that
manufacturer's line.

I have long used Thinkpads. Recently, I was able to cycle my display off
using FN+F7 or a Thinkpad specific utility. With my latest X61s, I don't
seem to be able to do this. Haven't yet had opportunity to review the
manual for some other way.

PS: When you do get this working, it really does help battery life.
There aren't many perquisites to blindness, but this can definitely be
one of them.

FYI: I tried xbacklight on Fedora--installs OK. But Thinkpad won't
accept it's commands. Oh, well, back to rtfm.


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