Re: [orca-list] Pull BrlTTY 3.7.2 support from Orca?

Based upon the public/private feedback I've received, I need to ask for even more information. :-)

This change will only effect those of you using Orca from SVN trunk along with BrlTTY 3.7.2. So, if you have an older version of Orca on an older OS distribution, this change will not effect you.

If you are running Orca from SVN trunk on an older OS distribution that has only BrlTTY 3.7.2 on it, then this change will effect you. If you are one of these folks, please let me know. We can always postpone the work if need be. But, if there are just a handful of you, and you're willing to upgrade to BrlTTY 3.8 or better, you would help us greatly.


Willie Walker wrote:
Hi All:

This is a query to see how many people are still using BrlTTY 3.7.2 and who have not yet moved on to BrlTTY 3.8 or better.

I'd like to pull the crusty BrlTTY 3.7.2 support out of Orca if nobody is using it. If you have BrlTTY 3.8 or better, this shouldn't affect you, and it will also allow us to start paving the way for more control of Orca and your desktop via your braille display.

So...please let me know if you are still reliant upon BrlTTY 3.7.2. You can determine which version you have by looking at the output of the following command:

brltty --version


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