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i an folow the step to sys admin

but, when i created .orbitrc and add the two lines, reboot my computer, and i can not login as root, only can login aas normal user, and orca not run very thank for break my computer please do not public this information here, because the result is catastrofic

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Hi All:

I just want to get this out before I lose my notes.  I just went through
an accessible install of Hardy using Orca and then also got the sysadmin
apps working on the installed system.  Quick notes, and these are
basically just a compilation of the stuff that's already been posted to
this list (i.e., I cannot take credit):


1) Download the iso from  I grabbed the
latest daily-live from a day or two ago.  Burn it, boot it.

2) When the CD stops whirring in the drive, press return.  You'll have
just selected the "English" keyboard layout.  I don't know of an
accessible way to select a different layout right now.

3) Press F5 to select the accessibility setup, then press 3 to select
the screen reader option.  Press return to exit the accessibility setup.

4) Press the down arrow to select the install option and press return.
The installer will come up and orca will be running.

5) Install your system - the installer could use some scripting to make
things a bit more guided via orca, but for now just tab around to
explore the windows.

6) Reboot.  When the system comes back up, you need to log in
(silently), and Orca will automatically run when your desktop session
comes up.


1) Create root's ~/.orbitrc file (/root/.orbitrc, with and
of root.root with a mode of 644 on my system):


2) Edit /etc/sudoers to add the following line after the line with
"env_reset" in it:

Defaults env_keep+="GTK_MODULES"

Everything else seems to have been taken care of by Luke and Ubuntu
(thanks Luke!), at least for my decrepit Toshiba Tecra M2 laptop.


Willie Walker wrote:
Hi All:

I've just created,
which is a place holder for some kind soul to add details on how to
download and install Hardy using Orca.

If someone in the community has had good success with this, please
contribute your experiences and expertise by filling out the page.



aerospace1028 hotmail com wrote:
I just double checked the wiki where it describes running orca from an
Ubuntu live cd.  It says that when you get to the desktop if orca
doesn't start speeking to reboot and try again.  Could someone maybe
slip in some simple instructions on how to launch orca manually
through the run dialog if orca fails to start by default?  It might
save some confusion for newcomers to orca/ubuntu.
Thank you:-)
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