[orca-list] Evolution Nearly Unusable on my System

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I thought I'd give Evolution a try this evening and the configuration
and setup went fine and seemed plenty accessible but after setting up
my IMAP mail account, it locks up all the time whenever I try and
restart Evolution and login.  Sometimes I get the prompt for my IMAP
password with speech and most other times, I hear a ding that
indicates the prompt for password but no speech.  I assume Orca has
crashed or something.  I can't alt tab to any other apps or at least I
don't get any speech to tell me if doing so or not.  I can attempt to
log off by pressing alt-f1 and choosing System menu and logout; I hear
the noises that imply loging off but then it hangs and I really never
get logged off.  The only keystroke that works for me is
control-alt-backslash.  That seems to be the only thing I can do after
that.  Basically right now, I cannot use Evolution at all without
losing speech all the time.  Does Evolution not work well with IMAP
folders? If it doesn't, then I will stick to mutt.  At least that one
works, more than I can presently say for Evolution.

Any ideas as to what is going on around here with this?
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