[orca-list] upgrading atk, at-spi and orca

Hi all,

I will try this again.
I installed oracle enterprise linux several times over the last couple of weeks and have been trying to 
update orca to a current level.

I have been successful in building current rpms for atk-1.21.92 and at-spi-1.21.92 without problems.
I haven't gotten the orca rpm to build because I am on python 2.4 not python 2.5, and I don't have a current 
brltty/brlapi installed.

I did, however, download and compile orca 2.22.92 from ftp.gnome.org and it compiled just fine.
My problem comes in when I try to run orca. I get a message about at-spi registry not starting.

Any suggestions on how to overcome this problem?
I do not currently have the updated atk and at-spi installed because I actually want to try to get some work 
done with orca, so I can't give the exact error message.

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