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I don't know the final choice but as long as it may be easy to change
those pronunciations, just document clearly how one should do it.  Be
careful there; someone suggested changing quote to apostrophe. How
wrong! this mark (") is a full quote or double quote.  Where (') is an
apostrophe or single quote mark.  In speakup, it is pronounced as
'tick'. I like tick because it is one syllable.  I also am more used
to slash than stroke.  Oh, I would switch Prime for Tick.

On Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 09:30:33AM +0000, Jonathan Duddington wrote:
On 29 Mar, Jon <j orcauser googlemail com> wrote:
Jonathan, what do you think about changing:

` currently spoken as back prime to backtick or graave
' currently spoken as quote maybe should be apostrophe
" currently spoken as quotes

There will always be disagreement about names of punctuation
characters.  Is there a consensus?

For example, for "/" some people prefer "stroke" and some prefer

"quote" is shorter than "apostrophe", 1 syllable rather than 4.  Some
people may prefer "tick".

For "`" other alternatives are "left-quote" or "back-quote". 

using sd+espeak

when pressing " double quote is spoken, but if deleted quotes is
spoken. is this sd's fault?

Perhaps "double quote" is Orca's name for it?

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