Re: [orca-list] Umlauts separated with Speech-Dispatcher

I cannot reproduce this with the latest speech-dispatcher built from
cvs and espeak 1.36.02 on Ubuntu gutsy. Both spd-say and orca
(trunk) pronounce "Schaltfläche" as expected. The locale ist set to
en_US.UTF-8. Same result with de_DE.UTF-8. 

Best regards, Lukas

Marco Zehe writes ("[orca-list] Umlauts separated with Speech-Dispatcher"):
I just got  Orca working with Speech-Dispatcher on a Debian Lenny 
install. After switching to it using eSpeak, I notice that, in contrast 
to Gnome-Speech, German umlauts and possibly other international 
characters seem to be separated out from the rest of the surrounding 
word. The German word "Schaltfläche", for example, becomes "Schaltfl ä 
che", as if the a umlaut character was singled out for some reason.

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