Re: [orca-list] Installing speech-dispatcher in OpenSuSE

am Fr 14. Mär 2008 um 12:38:47 schrieb Darragh <d digitaldarragh com>:
Ok, that's interesting.  I assumed that as I'm using festival as my
synthesizer.... for the moment, I didn't need Flite.
Does Festival work without Speech-dispatcher?

I've since gone and installed flite 1.3.  I think this is the latest version?
If Festival is not running, I would prefer to make it work. Flite is the 
small version of Festival and it's less configurable.

configure and make ran perfectly however I'm getting an error very quickly
after running make install.

make: lib. no such file or directory.
Interesting.  Doesn't really tell me where I should be looking.
What's the Suse like command to:
apt-get build-dep flite
Something with yast ..., so check this out.

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