Re: [orca-list] speech-dispatcher, Hardy and pulseaudio

Guy Schlosser napsal(a):
As far as reasons for trying pulseaudio, I'm looking forward to certain 
benefits, like being able to send sound to other devices (e.g. using 
one set of speakers for music, other for speech).  Lastly, how do you 
test pulseaudio itself to insure its working?

Hi Guy, you should definitely check whether your PulseAudio setup works
before trying to use Speech Dispatcher with pulse output.  Try asking at
the Speech Dispatcher list for help...  BTW, setting the output device
used by Speech Dispatcher is possible with ALSA as well.  Use the
EspeakALSADevice/FestivalALSADevice/... option in your module's config file.

Best regards, Tomas

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