Re: [orca-list] Text attributes

Hi Will,

Willie Walker wrote:
We've not really done a lot of work with Java application support yet --
there are still some fundamental issues we're resolving with that before
completely jumping into scripting for Swing. As such, your mileage will
vary with Java apps.

Ah ok, but in case of eclipse i think it is easyer for Orca to get access because eclipse is using swt and jface ... And as fahr as I've tested it, eclipse seems to be very accessible with orca. But ok, might be a special case with java apps...

It should work with gedit, though. Can you try updating to a newer
version of Orca? It would be ideal if you could work with the latest
stuff if possible.

Yes, I'd really like to update to the latest version but was wondering about some instructions in the readme file of the orca package saying one should just install the orca version according to his desktop version. So I thought if I am using gutsy I can only use 2.20.x, wrong? Of course it would be nice to always use the latest stuff ... and always make use of the newest features / bugfixes etc..

Also I don't exactly know where to find the version of the desktop. Default was 2.20. But of course I could have received a newer version by updateing ubuntu ... and just don't know it :-)

regards Jann!

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