Re: [orca-list] speech dispatcher

Alonzo wrote:
I'm having trouble installing speech dispatcher or perhaps
getting to work. I've installed everything successfully from the
sinaptecs package manager. Then, when I go to the terminal and type hte
command "spd-say" and hte the text I wanted spoken to me the terminal
client: speech dispatcher Failed to open: connection refused.

Hello Alonzo,

Speech Dispatcher is turned off by default in Ubuntu Hardy, because
Ubuntu switched to Pulse Audio and there was not enough time to change
Speech Dispatcher default setup before the release.  So Ubuntu users now
need to do some manual configuration before being able to use Speech

You have two options:

  * Configure your Gnome desktop to use ALSA instead of Pulse Audio (in
    sound preferences) and Speech Dispatcher likewise (in
    /etc/speech-dispatcher/modules/*.conf for all modules you use).
    Then you need to set "yes" in /etc/defaults/speech-dispatcher.

  * Start Speech Dispatcher in your Gnome session with Pulse Audio
    output.  See for more

Best regards

Tomas Cerha

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