Re: [orca-list] languages

Hi Will:

Am i right in assuming that if i install english as my ubuntu language, I can then set e speak to speak
west midlands
northern english

You should be able to do so.

my question still is though if i install the OS in say english but need to read a french newspaper, can i tell orca to speak french on the fly So, can i set the language of orcas speech? you know like in jaws for windows, one can say oh i am on an italian website let' change eloquence now to read this site if this is the case while i love my mac, it can not on the fly switch to another synth

Orca currently doesn't do this very conveniently (you need to open the preferences and select a new voice). We have a few related bugs in Orca that we are using to track this, however:

Hope this helps!


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