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Hi, Hermann,

I'm not quite sure what you are requesting here. Are you looking for a hot-key that will read all of the titles in the tabs without moving focus to the tabs? Or, do you want a hot-key to move focus to the tabs?

I use control-page-up and control-page-down to cycle through the tabs (each one is read as it gains focus), and my location is maintained on each page (in other words, I can start reading from where I left off when I return to any given page). The result is that, if I want to review the tabs I have open, I just cycle through them using control-page-up or control-page-down--if you reach the last tab, the next key press will cycle you up to the first tab. At times I have 10 to 20 tabs open, and I can manage all of them without any problems using these keys.

If I'm missing the point, please let me know.



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just opened several tabs in FF, and I did not notice it at once. Checking the screen in FF i found, that at the top there are the titles of the tabs. Is there a way to make Orca read this tabs by a key press? Can Orca handle the tabs bar which you can activate in FF's preferences?
What do you think about such a feature?
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