Re: [orca-list] can't start Orca

On Tue, 29 Jan 2008, Albert E. Sten-Clanton wrote:

Daniel and Jude, thanks for your replies.

I'm sorry to say that I tried the suggested instructions below but got nothing, at least, nothing I could use.  I note 
that I got a beep right after entering the "gnome-terminal" command:  it didn't wait for the down-arrow.  In 
fact, the down-arrow didn't cause a beep at that point, though it did after two uses of the alt-tab keys.  At no point 
did I get orca talking.

Setting DISPLAY to :0 did not help, not even when I included the command in /etc/profile, so that it was set to this 
after boot-up.  the command "echo $DISPLAY" gave me nothing before.  Since you wrote that it also gave you 
nothing, but you apparently can use orca, maybe it doesn't matter.  But if it doesn't matter, of course, why have I 
received error messages saying that it does?

Thanks again, though.  Of course, I welcome any other suggestions for solving this problem.  (I'm beginning 
to fear that this is some quirk of my system, like whatever prevented me from installing FC6 from CD's but 
didn't prevent installation from an image on the hard drive.)

Well when you hit down arrow and hear the beep. Press down arrow again to be sure your in the console... (Terminal)
Then Type:
orca -t

That's  all I can think to do. Not sure what else to try.

Daniel Dalton
d dalton iinet net au

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