Re: [orca-list] Remote access to gnome, still looking for a solution

Hi Michael:

There was some work done in the AT-SPI infrastructure to allow different users on the same machine to display apps on the same server (e.g., run a GUI app as root on in your session). In order for this to work, both users need to have accessibility enabled and the foreign user displaying to the system needs to have the magic ~/.orbitrc file as described in

So...I'll admit I'm ignorant of just what *exactly* the at-spi is doing this case. As such, take the following with a grain of salt. I wonder if it might be possible to set up your remote user with a11y enabled and the ~/.orbitrc file and then have it present on your DISPLAY? The parameters in the remote user's ~/.orbitrc file might need to be tweaked -- you can read more about them in the "Which parameters are supported by CORBA_ORB_init()?" section of

I'm curious if this will work...


On Jan 29, 2008, at 7:33 AM, Michael Whapples wrote:

I previously asked about how one who uses a screen reader may access a
remote gnome system and got some responses. Unfortunately though I have
e-mailed both Sina Bahram and Mike Grace about the remote access bridge
but haven't got a response.

I am now thinking along other lines. How possible might it be to have
orca use speech-dispatcher on a different system, set per user (eg. is
there a setting which can be altered in orca user settings to allow the
IP of the speech-dispatcher to be used, and this might mean the
individuals who use orca remotely need to always use the same machine,
or may be it could be set by a script run on login). If
speech-dispatcher and orca can't do this, would it be possible to use
something like ESD (something else might be better) and use that to get
the audio off the system (like in the communication I was describing
between orca and speech-dispatcher in the previous suggestion).

Any other thoughts that might solve this?

Michael Whapples

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