Re: [orca-list] Building Orca from SVN HELP!

Hi Steve:

Given the issues you're running into, I'm thinking maybe Debian might be a system that could give you a better chance at success. But, I've never installed/used Slackware or Debian, so I have no experience in developing on them.


Steve Holmes wrote:
Hash: RIPEMD160

Sorry to be replying to myself but I have other questions here.  Has
anyone else been able to build Orca from latest trunk on a
slackware/dropline package? With all these unresolved links, I'm
beginning to doubt the integrety of Slackware/dropline as a
development platform for latest gnome components.  These unresolveds
seem to be coming from gnome/x11 libraries.  Again, I'm talking about
at-spi.  If I can't get at-spi to compile, I guess I won't be able to
go with these latest fixes in Orca on this Slackware box.

I have a nice spankin' new Debian CD laying on my desk at home just
begging to take over my system.  I just can't seem to find these
unresolved references.  (see my previous posts on this subject.)

Any ideas?
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