Re: [orca-list] Getting At Off-Screen Data: A specific case

Hi Janina,

With any accessible problem, there are often several solutions. Whether one is "better" than the other is often the subject of (at times heated) debate.

Whether or not this is the "right" solutions, I offer it up as a fast one. It is also illustrative of what I think is often the appropriate location of an accessibility solution - in the mainstream product.

Do accomplish your #4 below, I just used the Find command in Firefox, typing "Once to", and I was on the link. I then hit ESC to get out of the find dialog, leaving the link "Once to Every Man And Nation" highlighted. <CR> followed the hyperlink.. I could also have used the Firefox "find as you type" feature (or whatever is the correct name).


Peter Korn
Accessibility Architect,
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

I've been trying to work with a web site that doesn't work out well
today, but I suspect will work much better with Orca and FF3 once we
have something called the Collection API implemented and available to us
users. I present this here because we will need several real world use
cases to test. Besides, I'm quite sure my example isn't the only
example, and that I'm not the only one with this kind of problem.

Here's the situation. I am using very recent Orca and FF3, usually
current releases. In any case the behavior has not changed application
release to application release.

As a church musician currently engaged on Sunday mornings, I find
resources such as invaluable. They have over 6K
hymns there, with lyrics, midi files, and historical information about
the hymns. They even publish scores, though in a Win proprietary format,
.nwc, that I haven't tried to convert to anything yet.

This site is usable with Orca and FF3, but it can be very hard to use
because often the data available through a particular page has not yet
been rendered on the page. A simple set of steps will illustrate:

1.)     Open
2.)     Actuate the "Titles" hyperlink
3.)     Actuate the "o" hyperlink. The site's 6K hymns are alphabetized.
4.)     Tab to the list of hymns and find the hymn entitled:

        "Once To Every Man And Nation"

It took me over 10 minutes to get there. The title is on the list.
Scrolling down arrow on the list of hymns will take you there

*       You can't invoke Orca's Find successfully, because the data
*       isn't rendered.
*       You can't just hold down-arrow down to let the list scroll fast,
*       because the speech buffer won't flush--at least not with either
*       espeak or ttsynth on my systems.

Is this a candidate for Collection?

A second annoying issue here is the need to tab through the alphabet
whenever you select a different alphabetic char--to get the hymns whose
titles start with that letter. This also quickly becomes annoying. I
believe the remedy for this one is W3 Aria Landmarks, yes?


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