[orca-list] Starting X and Sound

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I'm trying to test the X environment to see if it is complete now.
What I'm doing is typing 'gdm --nodaemon' from a text console.  This
resembles the procedure followed by setting the run level to 4 on my
Slackware box.  However, I think this brings up a graphical login.  I
hear a single beep through the PC speaker but no startup sounds.  I
newly reinstalled Slackware 12 yesterday, then installed dropline with
no incident and have yet to build espeak so I realize that Orca isn't
going to come up talking yet but just wanna be sure everything else is
in place.  I figured I would at leasthear a startup sound from gnome
or something.  How can one start up gnome and head directly into the
desktop with graphical login or any of that? I'm trying to keep things
as simple as possible right now until I start actually start to know
what I'm doing with this new stuff.  

Once I install espeak, do I have to do anything else before orca will
work?  I previously read that the graphical login was inaccessible
right now but that there was a work-around or something; I'll look
into that later I suppose.  I just find it really hard to figure
things out without speech.  Fortunately, I do have speakup working
from text consoles and yes, I'm using an external hardware Speakout
synth so that should prevent anyy conflicts over the sound.  Also,
ALSA is working from the console so I'm certain that my basic sound
support is in order.

Sorry for such biginner questions here but trying to get going on it.
thanks for the help if possible.
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