Re: [orca-list] can't start the orca preferences gui nor setup new preferences

Hi Will

Just to echo from my previous postings - I have the same problems.

Cannot launch either the GUI or Text based preferences, just hangs, but have
speech and magnifier working.

The workaround posted shortly after Gutsy was launched, Ubuntu being my
distro, of ensuring that focus was on the desktop somewhere, didn't work

Tomas suggested it might be a conflict with Gnerpernicus (sorry for the
spelling!), but according to a sighted user, it's not running.

Just to re-iterate, this happened for me after the distro upgrade  to Gutsy.


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Hi Rui:

This is strange.  It sounds like something Orca is depending upon is
hanging.  Have you tried running "orca --text-setup"?  If that hangs,
does "test-speech" work for you?


Rui Batista wrote:
HI all,

I'm using the latest trunk revision of orca but the problem ocures with
any orca version I've tested (2.20.2, 2.21.4 etc...)

When I try to access the orca preferences with insert+space orca log, no error, nothing at all....the best I found was
something like

process killed on line 92 of /usr/bin/orca...

Worce: if I try do make a new setup (hopping my configuration are
corrupted or something) orca does not start at all.... removing
the .orca directory does not resolve the problem....

I've been editing my configuration in but that is not
easy lol and the gui don't make typing errors like me lol.... does
anyone have suggestions?...

Best REgards:

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